Since 2003 I have been successfully and radically expanding my Clients potential and knowledge in the areas of:

Intelligence integrity and enhancement
Personal exponential growth
Elevation of consciousness
Mindfulness / Happiness
Overcoming blind spots
Well being / Inner engineering
Disassembling grandest illusions
Custom personal development


How well do YOU really know your blind spots?
How efficiently can you recognize the grandest illusions around you?
Know precisely your blind spots and the grandest illusions. Before their derail your career, dreams or even your life…

Due to the very solid base of my extremely passionate for growth, loyal – long term Clients established in past 15 years.
And also, due to my involvement in a very complex and challenging new projects with the Y Generation.
Unfortunately I am NOT able to accept new regular Clients in 2018.


All rates are discuss and set up individually.
(based on the complexity of the required research and the level of the difficulty of the topic).
However the minimum rate for an one time session starts from $300/h.